Friday, 29 July 2011

It’s a Small Small World...............

Go figure this;  What are the chances of two people who have re-invented their lives in a serious fashion, who worked unknown to each other, within close proximity in this previous life, meeting up as a result of their re-modelled life-style?  Greater than you think, because it’s just happened to me.....

I’ve just got back from Fife.  A little trip away to meet Andy Richardson, a country man, an ex-gamekeeper and one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet.  More about Andy and me to come, but in the meantime I got Suburban Bushwacked along the way!

Sten is the Suburban Bushwacker – a guy from East London who has a fire in his belly about all things country.  The SBW is a walking paradox; a guy from the Smoke who blogs about shooting and fishing in a vibrant and completely fresh way.   He looks like he’s just fallen out of the set of Lock East-ender, whose association with shotguns is likely to be sawn-off.    More bank-job than banker.  If you like your sacred cows bow-hunted and BBQ’d – this is your man.

Like me, his life is just a bit different to what it used to be.   Re-trained as a plumber, divested of a life in sales and marketing (working, as it turns out, for two of the biggest shits I ever had the misfortune to meet), Sten has quite a following as the SBW.  If you have any interest in country pursuits and I assume you have or why the hell would you be reading this, you need to check out his blog; a breath of fresh thinking in a field where the current media is a private members cluster f*ck.

It turns out the SBW is staying with Andy as well.  It also turns out that this guy used to work within a 100 yards of my old London company TRBI.  You get to know a little bit about people when you share a pigeon hide for the day.  In London, the chances that I would have got to meet the SBW were pretty negligible; it took my retirement, the power of Face Book and Blogger and god knows how many other weird coincidences to bring us together. 

I’m very glad it did – well met fella!  Oh and if he offers to cook for you...........bite is bloody hand off.

The SBW all pigeoned up


  1. Absolutely amazing to think you might have passed each other on London Street or stood together in a bus queue and even if you had acknowledged each other, you probably wouldn't have been interested in conversation.

    In this superficial, plastic, money orientated world we live unreal lives where we cannot be true to ourselves and in fact many of us do not even know who we truly are or what will make us happy.

    It seems to be in pared down situations, where you find that kind of special connection which is rare and memorable.

  2. Longsword

    Thanks for the big-up

    That was some day out, looking forward to seeing a lot more of you both online and afield