Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Poor Sod (with apologies to Jake)

She was strong, free-spirited child; pragmatic and practical.  Loved by all in her youth and middle years, yet latterly, increasingly out of touch with the populous.  A stranger to the media, and a strong opponent of the absurd.  A traditionalist at heart, she had the flexibility to embrace new thinking when required and the spirit to rebuff idiocy, wherever she encountered it.  Friend to the common man, she was particularly at home in the countryside, where oft she sort like-minded souls.

Recent years had not been kind to her; pilloried by the politician and the bureaucrat, ridiculed by the media, she retreated to the companionship of an ever-decreasing circle of confidants.  Rarely ever seen in public in recent years, she preferred the privacy of the fire-side chat, the back room of the bar and the meditative quality of her own company.  Eschewing hollow self-aggrandisement and the easy rewards of modern life, she preferred the harder-won, yet less revered pleasures of a life well-lived.  Reciprocity and courtesy.  Tradition and honour.

Her passing is bitterly mourned by a few, but will mostly pass unnoticed by those whose gaze falls on starrier horizons. 

“The wonder of the world; the beauty, the power, the shapes of things, their colours, lights and shades; these I saw.  Look ye also while life lasts”

RIP Common Sense 2011